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Who we are

Creator of machine for rolling shutters since 1985, ACRA is the first European company to have developed an industrial automation of rolling shutters production.

The company occupies an area of 5 600 m² with 4 100 m² for production facilities and 1 500 m² for offices.

We produce our machines 100% « Made in France » at the request of our customers and without any subcontracting which is giving us the total control of our production and guaranteeing 100% of their quality. ACRA is the leader on the international market of rolling shutters production. The company is present in Europe, Russia, Asia, North Africa and Australia.

All of our machines are unique because it is entirely manufactured and adapted to your request and specifications.

  • An engineering and sales departments are at your disposal to study and design your machines as needed (top software for CAD, the sizing, simulation)
  • Moreover, our after sales department is very efficient. In case of machine’s disfonctionning, our technicians are available by phone or on our site. We have all the equipment and spare parts in our site to meet any eventuality.
  • ACRA is certified ISO 9001, guarantee of technical and sales departments management.
Usine Acra France

To produce ACRA’s machines, the company disposes:

  • 3 processing centers
  • 2 numeric towers
  • 1 cutting laser machine
  • 1 weld and painting workshop
  • 1 electric cabling workshop

Acra it is also, a whole engineering team, human and qualified with the service of the production of your machines.

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